The stock Honda filter for these models is a jacketed filter assembly consisting of approximately 5 parts. The new filter adaptor will allow the replacement of the complete assembly with the self contained filter canisters that are ubiquitous in the automotive industry.

• STEP 1: Remove The Stock Filter

Using the proper wrench remove the oil filter bolt. Use a bucket to catch any oil that drips out of the filter housing. Remove the filter bolt, housing cover, spring, washer and oil filter.


• STEP 2: Clean

Clean the surface of the housing and o-ring flange to prepare for installation of the filter adaptor.

• STEP 3: Install Filter Adaptor

Apply a small amount of high strength loctite (red) or equivalent to the threads of the filter adaptor.   Start the threads by hand being careful not to cross-thread the adaptor.  Snug the adaptor into place with a screwdriver (or similar tool) that will fit into the driver slot as shown.  Torque to approximately 240 in-lbs. Do not over tighten.


• STEP 4: Install Replacement Filter

Install the filter as you would normally. Make sure that the filter seal fits snugly against the oring flange. A properly fitting filter will have an outer diameter of 3.7 inches.


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